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Velo-city 2024 Ghent 

The main theme for Velo-city Ghent 2024, “Connecting Through Cycling,” mirrors the city’s essence. The bicycle connects places, people, different modes of transport and sectors. Ghent’s transformative journey, driven by initiatives such as the circulation plan, the regional cycling network and a variety of shared mobility options has not only made it a cycling paradise but also a shining example of how cycling serves as a connector.   

Velo-city 2024 will be the perfect opportunity to explore the ancient City of Ghent. As Belgium’s third largest city, Ghent invites you to step into the footsteps of a 1000-year-old heritage. Quirky, lively, and culturally rich, Ghent offers an enticing blend of trendy modernity and historical charm. It’s a place where people savour life, embracing a laid-back atmosphere where anything is possible and a genuine human connection is felt. You won’t have a dull moment at Velo-city 2024 Ghent!    

Velo-city 2024 Ghent, Belgique

Published on 11/09/2023